19 Aug

Some movies, even if watched for thousand times, never seem to cease casting that fresh spell upon the viewers that It must had put at the time when it was actually released. Titanic is one of them, for me atleast. Just now, It was being played on starmovies and despite having watched it for, like what, twenty times, I still had packed up all my other tasks and set about watching it once again. 🙂  I guess, I don’t need to describe that mind-blowing film as everybody, or atleast most of the world, will already be aware of it but I’d just like to give a note upon it being my one of the favourite movies of all time. So, here it goes. Firstly, I like the music of the theme song of Titanic, ”Go on” that plays just as the movies starts and it highlights the word ”Titanic”. Though, what happens in the next few minutes where the research teams are trying to get to the depths of the grand Ship and looking for the ”Heart of the ocean”, is a little bit boring period, but as soon as the Old Rose sets off about telling the story of her adventure on the ship, the movie starts to rock !   Secondly, I love that scene when Rose comes out of that royal horse-carriage and the way she flips her hat up and reveals a lovely 20th century face. One more thing I like about titanic is the giant structure of that ship, that makes me wonder, Why did it get to sink? just the scene where it sinks, takes away my heart, too.
There has been a number of scenes where I found myself aww-ing and marvelling. I just like that girl, Rose, so much. She is too cute to hate, anyway. 😉
Overall, this is a great movie worth watching for countless times.

Sidney Sheldon; A thrill seeker!

2 Feb

Sidney Sheldon; A thrill seeker!.

Sidney Sheldon; A thrill seeker!

19 Jan

There are good many novels that contain a long-lasting suspence into them and keeps the reader pre-occupied till the very end. It won’t be a lie to call Sidney Sheldon being the writer of such thriller novels, since he deserves a right to be called by the title ‘The King of Suspense’.
While reading his books, I often turn pages and find myself releasing a huge sigh at the intelligence of this author.  He writes masterpieces, truly! His books works as a glue to me, for it never ceases to amaze me and that’s what keeps me to explore more and more as I can read.
I remember the times when I used to have monthly exams and how I used to throw my course books aside after learning every 2 pages and grabbing a nearby-placed Sidney Sheldon’s novel that I had started reading. There is drama, romance, thrill, magic and suspence all packed in one.
His first ever book I read was Are you afraid of the dark’  after which I was caught in its spell and started purchasing more and more and I didn’t realize it untill I started reading thrilling novels by him, that I was that much interested in C-I-D-kind of  stuff.
The number of his other books that I have read so far are, ‘The naked face’, ‘Morning,noon and night’, ‘Sands of time’, ‘If tomorrow comes’, ‘Tell me your dreams’ and a few more. Each one occupies a different story, and indeed, a different suspence.
I am looking forward to reading more of his amazing theoratical works as now, I am competely over with my exams, though temporarily.

You need to choose…

2 Nov

”Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don’t want to.”
There’s a thought that we need to think upon whenever we are to get admitted into a new institution and that is, What type of institution you’d like to go to? Should it be disciplined? Should it be just high-standard, quality of education doesn’t matters? Some institutions claim to provide you with best educational skills whereas others claim to ‘discipline’ you.
Well, this is the king of decision which is so easy to take, since everyone wishes to be in an institution that has a good status. But, statuses could be deceptive. They could be just to show-off what they really are not.
If I were to choose between an institution that’s sole target is to convey good education and an institution who’s utmost preference is to develope a good character in you, then, I’d love to choose the latter one.
Reason? Well, good education automatically developes when you realize that good, hidden charater in yourself.

Since I was a kid, I have been to a number of different schools and the only school that’s really has impressed me is Presentation Convent. There, you might not be able to find a well, high-standard studies but still, you will find some change in your personality as soon as you walk out of it. I found it,too.
We were transfered to a  new place and so I had to move to a new school and there, I realized how different the girls of that school were as compared to the girls I had met back there in Convent.
We were supposed to say ‘thankyou’ whenever somebocy helped us, Greet the teacher whenever you pass by one, say ‘sorry’ whenever you did something wrong and a number of other ‘good manners’ needed to be observed. While, I had been used to doing all of that, I found no such thing in my other school. They preffered to educate you well but, literally, they forgot that, actually, ‘Discipline’ is the first and the foremost level of a good education for noboby, after seeing you at first sight, would start guessing your education-standard but it is the physical appearance, your manners that mirrors your true self.
If I were to be a teacher, My first duty would be to teach good manners. :-)

Fifty Shades; Buy at your own risk.

2 Nov

How rediculous that sounds when you purchase a book -whole series, to be precise- at a fairly high cost and then you find yourself reading it in a skip-the-page way?
Well, Fifty shades does that, or to me atleast. I read about it everywhere, on the list of bestsellers and everywhere else and seeing that it is the fastest selling series worldwide and has broken the well-kept record of Harry potter, I decided to buy it.
The story begins as 22-year old Anastasia Rose Steele, for the first time, encounters a young and a handsome (as described by the writer) bachelor, who’s been the top businessman too, Cristian Grey. Anastasia (Ana) is completely thrown aback by his beauty. She’s there to interview him for some student magazine, on behalf of her bestest friend, who’s her roomate too, Katherine. Then, a sexual attraction is developed between the two and Ana finds it hard to repel him but soon after she comes to know of Cristian’s real demands and khowing that she can’t fulfill any of them, She leaves him.
Cristian Grey, a man never known to back-off, sets another contract with her ’cause even he wants her by now and really wants to develope a relationship with Ana.
Knowing that she can’t ever forget him and also that he has changed a bit just for getting her back, she agrees to that contract and there it goes again, the bad stuff, that seems endless throughout the series.
What I really don’t understand is that how come this book can get sooo off-limits? Honestly, it can make you feel regreting buying the series. Besides, there are too many flaws in the book that it makes one wonder wheather the characters actually take-up their as-described-by-the-author-personalities in any way? For instance, you won’t find Cristian Grey to be away from Ana for more that just half the page you read whereas, he’s described as the top businessman and according to that, he should be an all-time worker, which we don’t get to see much while reading.
Other than that, there is way too much repetition of words and phrases from the writer, e.g, ‘Holy cow’, my subconscious’, ‘Good point well made’ and many more.
By and by, this is not what you call a decent book. So, if you are a good reader then you need to read good books not the bad stuff that’s in this series. You need to read authors like, J.k Rowling, Paolo Coalo etc.  So, whenever you find yourself heading toward a book store and to the shelf containing ‘Fifty shades’, you need to stop and rethink before you decide to purchase any of it and put your money to garbage-can. And, still, if you choose to buy this, you’re buying at ‘your own risk’.