You need to choose…

2 Nov

”Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don’t want to.”
There’s a thought that we need to think upon whenever we are to get admitted into a new institution and that is, What type of institution you’d like to go to? Should it be disciplined? Should it be just high-standard, quality of education doesn’t matters? Some institutions claim to provide you with best educational skills whereas others claim to ‘discipline’ you.
Well, this is the king of decision which is so easy to take, since everyone wishes to be in an institution that has a good status. But, statuses could be deceptive. They could be just to show-off what they really are not.
If I were to choose between an institution that’s sole target is to convey good education and an institution who’s utmost preference is to develope a good character in you, then, I’d love to choose the latter one.
Reason? Well, good education automatically developes when you realize that good, hidden charater in yourself.

Since I was a kid, I have been to a number of different schools and the only school that’s really has impressed me is Presentation Convent. There, you might not be able to find a well, high-standard studies but still, you will find some change in your personality as soon as you walk out of it. I found it,too.
We were transfered to a  new place and so I had to move to a new school and there, I realized how different the girls of that school were as compared to the girls I had met back there in Convent.
We were supposed to say ‘thankyou’ whenever somebocy helped us, Greet the teacher whenever you pass by one, say ‘sorry’ whenever you did something wrong and a number of other ‘good manners’ needed to be observed. While, I had been used to doing all of that, I found no such thing in my other school. They preffered to educate you well but, literally, they forgot that, actually, ‘Discipline’ is the first and the foremost level of a good education for noboby, after seeing you at first sight, would start guessing your education-standard but it is the physical appearance, your manners that mirrors your true self.
If I were to be a teacher, My first duty would be to teach good manners. :-)


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