Sidney Sheldon; A thrill seeker!

19 Jan

There are good many novels that contain a long-lasting suspence into them and keeps the reader pre-occupied till the very end. It won’t be a lie to call Sidney Sheldon being the writer of such thriller novels, since he deserves a right to be called by the title ‘The King of Suspense’.
While reading his books, I often turn pages and find myself releasing a huge sigh at the intelligence of this author.  He writes masterpieces, truly! His books works as a glue to me, for it never ceases to amaze me and that’s what keeps me to explore more and more as I can read.
I remember the times when I used to have monthly exams and how I used to throw my course books aside after learning every 2 pages and grabbing a nearby-placed Sidney Sheldon’s novel that I had started reading. There is drama, romance, thrill, magic and suspence all packed in one.
His first ever book I read was Are you afraid of the dark’  after which I was caught in its spell and started purchasing more and more and I didn’t realize it untill I started reading thrilling novels by him, that I was that much interested in C-I-D-kind of  stuff.
The number of his other books that I have read so far are, ‘The naked face’, ‘Morning,noon and night’, ‘Sands of time’, ‘If tomorrow comes’, ‘Tell me your dreams’ and a few more. Each one occupies a different story, and indeed, a different suspence.
I am looking forward to reading more of his amazing theoratical works as now, I am competely over with my exams, though temporarily.


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