19 Aug

Some movies, even if watched for thousand times, never seem to cease casting that fresh spell upon the viewers that It must had put at the time when it was actually released. Titanic is one of them, for me atleast. Just now, It was being played on starmovies and despite having watched it for, like what, twenty times, I still had packed up all my other tasks and set about watching it once again. 🙂  I guess, I don’t need to describe that mind-blowing film as everybody, or atleast most of the world, will already be aware of it but I’d just like to give a note upon it being my one of the favourite movies of all time. So, here it goes. Firstly, I like the music of the theme song of Titanic, ”Go on” that plays just as the movies starts and it highlights the word ”Titanic”. Though, what happens in the next few minutes where the research teams are trying to get to the depths of the grand Ship and looking for the ”Heart of the ocean”, is a little bit boring period, but as soon as the Old Rose sets off about telling the story of her adventure on the ship, the movie starts to rock !   Secondly, I love that scene when Rose comes out of that royal horse-carriage and the way she flips her hat up and reveals a lovely 20th century face. One more thing I like about titanic is the giant structure of that ship, that makes me wonder, Why did it get to sink? just the scene where it sinks, takes away my heart, too.
There has been a number of scenes where I found myself aww-ing and marvelling. I just like that girl, Rose, so much. She is too cute to hate, anyway. 😉
Overall, this is a great movie worth watching for countless times.


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